Pivot Hinge aluminum doors ADIELLE Levante

Pivot Hinge aluminum doors ADIELLE Levante

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Opening systemPivot Hinge Doors
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturing countryItaly
Warranty1 year


Levante is a filter able to regulate light and visual connections both inside and outside the living space. The mirrored surface is comprised of inclined parts of a triangular section designed to allow the passage of light while limiting visibility.

Two versions are available: MINIMAL with the main face on thin blades and PLUS with the main face on thicker bars. LEVANTE is completely made of aluminum, making the door also usable outdoors as a windbreaker and a sunscreen element.

Levante Minimal

Levante Plus

Levante Pivot Hinge

The hinge of the pivot opening system is integrated into the frame profile, emphasising the clean shapes and making the floor pump unnecessary.

Pivot opening system (with the pivot point axis centred or offset). The integrated system in the frame allows the door to be opened in both directions, stopping automatically when closing and with a 90-degree doorstop.

Models & finishes


1 White | 2 Aluminium | 3 Titanium | 4 Black | 5 Dark brown | 6 Light bronze | 7 Bronzed aluminium


1 Dark Oak | 2 Walnut Canaletto | 3 Natūralus ąžuolas