Sliding Glass Doors ADIELLE Ipe

Sliding Glass Doors ADIELLE Ipe

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Opening systemSliding Doors
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturing countryItaly
Warranty1 year


Ipe is a sliding opening system formed of double glass panels characterized by an extreme minimalist design. The full-height handle merges with the aluminum frame that appears as a thin blade thanks to the painting of the visible part inside the chamber between the two glass panels.

Ipe Sliding

Ipe Sliding defines the space and it integrates into it, thanks to its extreme formal minimalism. The door with the aluminum frame and flush double panes is characterized by the groove profile upright on the side that works as a handle for opening and closing the door.

    Detail of the groove handle:

  1. frame in anodized or lacquered aluminum
  2. 4 mm thick toughened glass

With ultra-clear transparent or acid-etched glass, the painting of the spacer can also be made in white.

The sliding panel can be made complete with a groove handle or without.

Only 5 mm of the aluminum perimeter profile is visible along three sides of the door.

Ipe Sliding with track

The formal minimalism of Ipe is at its best in this version, including an aluminum frame with flush double panes and the groove profile upright that works as a handle. The sliding system allows the doors to overlap completely for increasing the opening capacity and the minimalism of the style.

The optional FREESTANDING SYSTEM keeps the door steady and includes a polyurethane wheel that is installed in the lower head of the handle, guaranteeing high performance while respecting aesthetic rigor.

The seat where the sliding door carriage is inserted is hidden by a cover in the same finish as the frame.

Models & finishes


1 White | 2 Aluminium | 3 Titanium | 4 Black | 5 Dark brown | 6 Light bronze | 7 Bronzed aluminium

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40 Mirror | 50 Frosted Mirror | 54 Bronze Mirror | 55 Frosted Bronze Mirror | 56 Fume Mirror


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