Special offers

Boen Longstrip hardwood flooring from 33,6 €/m²

Get 15% off on Boen 3-strip hardwood flooring till the 31th of July. You can choose any of 5 beautiful Boen hardwood floors covered with Live Pure lacquer...

2021-07-07 15:00:14
Boen Gent – 1-strip hardwood flooring from 35 €/m² in stosk

Boen's Gent collection is designed to make 1-strip floorboards more available to customers. And now there is still an additional 15% discount on three types of wood flooring from the Gent collection...

2020-11-01 16:36:16
Promotion for Boen Oak Espressivo hardwood flooring

Summer offer on Boen hardwood flooring Oak Espressivo. Available in three variants at special prices 35 and 36 € / m²...

2020-07-22 14:40:51