About Openini showroom

Openini – showroom where you can find flooring and interior doors in Vilnius.

Who are we?

JFor over 10 years, we have been helping our customers not only to choose floor coverings and interior doors, but also to take care of their installation and subsequent maintenance. We work with the best manufacturers, so we are confident in the uniqueness and quality of the offered products. We like what we do, so we are responsible for every project we work on. We are looking forward to meet you in our showroom – come in!

Why we?

  1. Wide range of products
  2. There are more than 500 samples of parquet and vinyl coatings, as well as more than 40 samples of doors presented in our showroom.

  3. Comfortable to choose
  4. The choice of floors and doors in our salon is convenient and simple. Spacious and bright studio in the city center, a wide range of flooring, an exclusive exhibition of doors.

    Be sure your children will find what to do in our children's area, while you are choosing floors or doors.

  5. Professional consultation
  6. Our employees are training from manufacturers, are well versed in product features and therefore help to choose the best solution for each project.

  7. Reasonable price
  8. Working directly with manufacturers and installers, we offer comprehensive solutions – floors and doors, accessories, their delivery, storage and installation, which saves you time and money.

  9. Services
  10. We will store and deliver the goods for free, and our specialists will arrive at the facility, measure the openings and floor area (if necessary), professionally install the floor, doors and accessories.

  11. Warranty
  12. Openini is the official representative of all manufacturers represented in the showroom. We guarantee the manufacturer's warranty. We have been working in Belarus for 10 years and more than 4 years in Lithuania, we value our reputation, therefore we fulfill all our obligations.

We want the choice of flooring and doors to be easy and fun for you. We will find the perfect solution for you in terms of style, functionality and budget, thanks to our experience, a wide range of products and a streamlined work system.