An apartment in a Stalinist building. Boen parquet

We are sharing with you the modern interior of an apartment in a Stalinist building, created by architect Natalia Garo. The interior used Hardwood Flooring BOEN Oak Alamo...

2022-08-08 11:39:44
Lemon Flavored Apartment. Hardwood Flooring

In the interior was used: Hardwood Flooring Boen Plank Oak California. Design: Katerina Smolskaya..

2022-02-08 13:56:02
Detached house in Grodno. Luxury vinyl tiles

In the interior was used: Luxury Vinyl Tile Moduleo Herringbone Sierra Oak 58346, Luxury Vinyl Tile Moduleo Moods Hexagon 348...

2022-02-07 15:30:08
Designers apartment. Moduleo vinyl flooring

In the interior was used: Luxury Vinyl Tile Moduleo Impressive Dryback Sierra Oak 58346Q. Design: Andrey and Ekaterina Segen...

2022-02-07 14:57:30
An apartment designed by Alexander Ignatiev. Boen hardwood flooring

As a floor covering the designer chose Boen hardwood flooring Oak Honey. Warm golden color of natural oak matches this interior perfectly...

2022-01-18 11:11:20
Office space in Minsk. LVT

Office space designed by Juliana Saidakova's design studio. As a floor covering designer chose LVT of three types...

2021-12-29 16:43:28
KANO Physical Therapy Clinic. Marmoleum

The interior of the Physical Therapy Clinic KANO in Minsk designed by Irina Kostina. The space is quite austere, yet comfortable. As a floor covering designer chose Marmoleum – linoleum by Forbo...

2021-12-17 15:17:02
An apartment designed by Tatiana Mantsevich

The interior of the apartment is light and laconic. It’s modern design is harmoniously complemented by the objects of modern art and handmade ceramics. It brings cosiness and individuality to the interior...

2021-11-17 16:00:08
An apartment in Grodno. LVT Moduleo

The apartment situated in the city center in the house built in 1831. To emphasize unique atmosphere of this place the authors of the project left brick walls untouched and decorated the apartment with hand-made rugs and ceramics. As a floor covering were..

2021-11-10 15:36:51
An apartment in Minsk designed by Dizzo Design Studio

Different styles and eras are harmoniously mixed in this interior. The concrete ceiling is perfectly combined with hardwood flooring of classic herringbone pattern. Projekte buvo naudojamos two-layer hardwood flooring Boen Prestige Oak Arizona...

2021-11-01 11:08:27
Beauty salon ANGIE in Minsk

LVT Moduleo Select Venetian Stone 46111is used as a floor covering for this project. Both design and characteristics of this product are perfect for this place...

2021-10-29 12:31:41
An apartment designed by Natalia Galonskaya. Boen hardwood flooring

A bright project created by Natalia Galonskaya and her team. The modern city apartment of 62 m² in Minsk. The designers created a convenient space for leaving, relaxing and for working away from the office...

2021-08-02 17:12:14
An apartment designed by Natalia Galonskaya. Hardwood flooring, interior doors

The design of the 91 m² apartment in Minsk was created by Natalia Galonskaya and her team. Accent deep black and fuchsia colors are complement natural shades in this project...

2021-07-29 13:37:12
An apartment designed by Olga Rudenko. Hardwood flooring, interior doors

There is a lot of natural wood in this interior: the floor covering, the doors, the furniture, the wall panels in the bedroom. Natural golden color of the wood creates warm and homely atmosphere and makes the interior close to nature. Moreover wood looks ..

2021-07-27 13:43:46
An apartment in Minsk. Hardwood flooring, marmoleum

An apartment with an area of 140 m² designed by Olga Rudenko for a family with two children. Perfectly designed space with a clear division into common and private areas ensures maximum comfort for all the family members...

2021-06-30 12:53:24
An apartment with Italian doors

The basic neutral color scheme is perfectly complemented by extravagant decor, creative lamps and striking interior design items...

2021-06-30 11:07:25
An apartment designed by Katerina Smolskaya. Hardwood flooring

Stylish modern interior in natural calm colors create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. In the project was used Boen Oak Andante White with natural oil treatment...

2021-05-06 16:23:48
Apartment designed by Soffit Interiors. Boen parquet board

A completed project by Soffit Interiors studio. An apartment in Minsk with an area of 112 m². The project was created for a young, creative couple, who like travelling and often make parties with their friends at home...

2021-04-02 17:37:48
Apartment designed by Olga Chekhovich. Hardwood Flooring Boen Oak Vivo

A completed project of the apartment in Minsk designed by Olga Chekhovich. On the floor is Boen hardwood flooring Oak Vivo Castle Live Pure. At the entrance were used Moduleo Moods LVT...

2021-03-25 16:39:01
Apartment in Grodno. Vinyl Flooring Moduleo

A completed project of the three-room apartment in Grodno with a total area of ​​65 m². Floor covering — LVT Moduleo Select Classic Oak 24837 made in Belgium...

2021-03-15 15:26:32
Modern apartment in Vilnius. Flush doors Barausse Secret You

A young family with a child wished a clear, modern interior for their 53.35 m² 2-bedroom apartment. An architect and interior designer Yura Chushak laconically connected the kitchen area with the living room and separated the private areas of the bedroom ..

2021-01-29 15:35:24
LVT Forbo at the apartment in Minsk

Our new realized project – a spacious two-bedroom apartment in Minsk, where classic and modern interior elements are harmoniously combined...

2020-09-01 16:52:28
Small apartment. Forbo vinyl tile

Designer Natalya Nasedkina has designed this compact apartment in Minsk in a modern style. The result is a laconic, thoughtful interior, where there is everything you need for a comfortable stay...

2020-08-31 16:10:48
Apartment designed by Kristina Varkina. Boen hardwood flooring

The concentration of refinement, tenderness and style in the project designed by Kristinos Varkinos projekte...

2020-08-31 14:40:41
Sunny apartment in Minsk. BOEN hardwood flooring

Even from the photos of this interior you can feel the warmth, sun and sea breeze. Interior designed by architects: Denis Lavrovsky, Tatiana Mantsevich and Alexey Purygin...

2020-08-31 11:07:18
Sliding doors Adielle Mitica at the studio apartment in Minsk

Adielle doors are manufactured individually for each project. Here we have four panels 978 x 2862 mm and ceiling mounted track...

2020-08-31 10:26:23
Modern apartment. Boen Oak Grey Harmony hardwood flooring

A cozy apartment for a family with two children. The space is filled with light and air, thanks to white walls, a light floor and weightless, elegant furniture...

2020-08-05 18:20:21
Apartment in Minsk. Forbo vinyl flooring

The realized project of the apartment with vinyl tiles Forbo. The floor sets the rhythm and dynamics that are supported by furniture and accessories. Bright, outstanding interior that orients to positive and active lifestyle...

2020-07-27 11:42:11
Loft Style Apartment. Boen Hardwood Flooring

The apartment was designed in the style of Loft. Customers wanted a modern interior with moderated colors. Although the Loft style suggests some rudeness, the designers have managed to bring it warmth and comfort, largely due to the natural wooden floor...

2020-05-22 15:46:03
Gastrobar «Goudini» in Grodno. Vinyl tile Moduleo MOODS

The stylish interior of the Goudini bar in Grodno attracts attention with contrasting details and decoration elements. Including floors which are from Moduleo MOODS designer vinyl tiles...

2020-04-13 13:06:37
Apartment designed by Vera Prokhorova. Hardwood Flooring

The realized project of the designer Vera Prokhorova, published on the ElleDecoration.ru website. An apartment in Minsk with an area of 114 m² for a family of three. Modern interior in calm colors with black graphic elements...

2020-04-02 17:00:49
Apart Hotel «Semashko» in Grodno. Carpet tile Forbo Flotex

On the floor of the halls of the Semashko Apart Hotel in Grodno, a Forbo Flotex Linear Integrity² straw carpeted tile is laid. The solution is not only beautiful, but also practical...

2020-03-24 17:56:54
Apartment in Grodno. Vinyl Flooring Moduleo

The entire space of this apartment is combined through the use of a single floor covering in all rooms. And in some places vinyl tiles are also laid on the walls, and even on the ceiling...

2020-03-19 09:42:43
Irina Nalimova's project: a romantic apartment in Minsk

Designer Irina Nalimova designed the apartment for a comfortable life for a young family. Mixed in the interior styles of different times and sensual colors...

2020-03-04 11:50:58
Apartment in Minsk. Boen Hardwood Flooring

The combination of wood and concrete in the interior of a Minsk apartment designed by Diana Lebed and Maxim Pukhovsky, design studio M4studio. The Hardwood Flooring Boen us used in the interior...

2020-01-29 14:10:41
Apartment in Minsk. Hardwood Flooring Boen Graphite Oak

This project from M4studio and designer Diana Lebed and Maxim Pukhovsky is a great example of how the concept and the whole interior grow out of one detail. The magnificent Aromas chandelier has become a bright accent and a central element of the interior..

2020-01-21 10:10:53
Detached house in the Minsk region. Vinyl Flooring

In this large house, almost a whole floor is occupied by a sports hall. The owners of the house lead an active lifestyle, and for them, designer Irina Norka designed their own gym...

2019-12-30 09:43:56
Pinky Bandinsky Bar. Solid Wood Flooring

Coswick and Boen massive board was used as flooring in the unusual and daring interior of the Pinky Bandinsky bar. The author of the project Natalia Galonskaya...

2019-10-14 10:24:48
Apartment in Vilnius. Vinyl flooring

Apartment for young people in the city center. Area 45 m², which contains everything you need. Designer: Justina Skourdeline, @ouyoudesign...

2019-10-08 11:27:20
Apartment in Vilnius. Hardwood flooring and internal doors

Apartment in Vilnius in the old town on St. Stepono street. The style of the classic interior is combined with functional, modern solutions...

2019-08-22 17:53:43
Apartment in Lazdinelai, Vilnius. Vinyl Floors and Doors

IVC vinyl floors (Belgium) and Italian doors Barausse are used in the interior of the apartment designed in a modern style,which is located in the new district of Vilnius Lazdinelai...

2019-08-13 17:34:44
Apartment in Vilnius. Vinyl and doors

IVC vinyl floors (Belgium) and interior doors from Italy Barausse were used for decoration in the interior of the apartment in the center of the capital of Lithuania. ..

2019-08-13 16:09:10
Sweet shop in Vilnius «MAJAI». Flush-fitting doors

Doors of Barausse YOU Secret at the MAJAI candy store, Akropolis Shopping Center, Vilnius. The primed canvas for decoration, ordered at the factory, at the facility received a beautiful, bright design...

2019-08-12 18:25:49
Barausse Secret flush-fitting doors in apartments in Palanga

Doors look very impressive due to the height to the ceiling and aluminum trim around the perimeter. Canvas painted in Traffic White (RAL 9016). Corbone color aluminum profile...

2019-07-24 13:06:27
House in Saldenes Village

A new object in our portfolio is a house in the village of Saldenes. The calm tones of this modern interior help to forget about the hustle, relax and spend time at home in comfort...

2019-04-01 16:57:13
The complex of luxury apartments «Solar Sonata» in Druskininkai

Seven houses with apartments which are ready to live in near the city center. A high level of houses quality is achieved through high-quality design, execution and use of quality materials for construction and decoration...

2019-04-01 14:41:46
Detached houses in Riese

Twelve detached houses with fully finished interior decoration. As a floor covering was used: Hardwood Flooring BOEN Oak Andante Live Natural brushed, Skirting board Classen MDF 80x16x2400, white, RAL 9003...

2019-03-04 10:50:17
Bakery «La Baguette» in Minsk. Vinyl flooring

A cozy bakery in Minsk «La Baguette», Openini experts participated in its interior creation. Moduleo's vinyl flooring looks great!..

2018-12-28 16:30:13
Apartment in Minsk. Hardwood Flooring and doors

The interior of the apartment in Minsk, in which Barausse doors and wall panels, Boen hardwood flooring, Adielle sliding partitions from the Openini salon were used. Designer – Natalya Galonskaya...

2018-12-27 16:20:48
Apartment in Minsk. Doors

The interior of the apartment in Minsk. The project of designer Marina Makutskaya using Barausse interior doors. Look at the quality of Italian doors at Openini...

2018-12-22 16:01:26
Apartment in Minsk. Invisible Doors

The interior of the apartment in Minsk. Designer's project Svetlana Virko using Barausse interior doors. Look at the quality of Italian doors at Openini...

2018-12-21 15:10:53
Detached house in Tarasovo. Hardwood flooring and doors

The project of the designer Lyubov Pyaskovskaya using the Boen hardwood flooring on the floor and walls and Italian doors Barausse. Pay attention to the diversity of flooring and doors in Openini salons...

2018-12-21 13:04:42
Apartment in Minsk. Hardwood Flooring

The interior of the apartment in Minsk. Design by Elena Poleshchuk using Boen hardwood flooring on floor and wall. Pay attention to the diversity of flooring, vinyl floors and doors at Openini...

2018-12-19 15:34:32

The section's aim is to present the products from the catalog from the website on the illustrations with interiors. We place here the released projects, where were used the floor coverings and the doors which are represented in our range of goods.