Apartment in Minsk. Hardwood Flooring Boen Graphite Oak

This project from M4studio is a great example of how the concept and the whole interior grow out of one detail. The magnificent Aromas chandelier, the finding of the owner of the apartment, has become a bright accent and a central element of the interior.

The walls, floor, kitchen, most of the furniture are made in soothing colors. And the bright pieces of furniture and decor that the designer uses make the interior interesting and memorable.

On the floor you can see the Boen Graphite Oak Hardwood Flooring coated with natural oil, which is harmonious in color and texture in this project.

In the interior was used

Hardwood Flooring

Designers: M4studio, Diana Lebed, Maxim Pukhovsky.

Photographer: Igor Nasvetnikov.

21/01/2020 10:10:53
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