Irina Nalimova's project: a romantic apartment in Minsk

Designer Irina Nalimova designed the apartment for a comfortable life for a young family. She mixed styles of different ages and sensual colors in the interior.

The area of the apartment is 100 square meters. A significant part of it occupied by the combined space of the living-dining -kitchen room. The young owners were pleased by this popular planning technique.

The author wanted to create an interior which doesn’t correlate with time – timeless. «The main task was to mix up styles and sensations. The style of the French Empire can be seen here, some forms and decisions were dictated by the fashion of post-war modernism. Past centuries have been cited, reprinted, and encoded with new colors and materials.» So, a spectacular panel on the floor is made of large-format porcelain stoneware.

More about the project...

In the interior was used

Parquet flooring

  • COSWICK Chevron CosLoc Collection Oak Pastel

Project author: Irina Nalimova Website:

Text author: Natalia Postoeva

Photo: Sergey Krasyuk

Stylist: Svetlana Koleda @svetlana_koleda

04/03/2020 11:50:58
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