Flocked Flooring Forbo Flotex Tibor Ziggurat

Flocked Flooring Forbo Flotex Tibor Ziggurat

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Installation and maintenance


Carpet flooring typeFlocked
Pile compositionNylon 6.6
Primary backingPVC
Secondary backingPVC
Impact sound reduction20 dB
Usage class33 class
Dimensions and equipment
Thickness, mm4.3
Length, mm30000
Width, mm2000
Pack Size, m²10.000
Manufacturer Information
CollectionFlotex Tibor
Manufacturing countryGreat Britain
Warranty15 years
Delivery time14 days


Forbo Flotex & Tibor

Forbo Flooring Systems have now teamed up with British design legend Tibor on an exciting new range for Flotex. Pioneering textile designer Tibor Reich – creator of Tibor - was a man ahead of his time. Although these striking patterns date from the 1950s, they could have been designed yesterday

Tibor Ziggurat

Through focusing on texture and line, Tibor’s detailed photograph of straw inspired this famous pattern from the Fotexur range. The photograph was taken in the spring sunshine to give the image greater definition and the design deliberately highlights the tonal contrast between light and dark. Co-ordinating broad stripes available in two colourways.