Parquet Boen Chevron

In the Bone lineup has appeared a Chevron parquet flooring!

This pattern was used already in the Bronze Age as a decoration of pottery. This pattern was especially popular in France in the XVII century for laying parquet. Chevron is often used in the design of interior textiles, floor coverings, clothing and accessories, interior items, etc.

In recent years, patterns, including the Chevron, have again became relevant in the flooring design. Therefore, the Boen factory introduced its collection of parquet boards into its assortment. Chevron creates a sophisticated, stylish image of the interior. Such floor can become an art object.

Boen offers the Adagio high-class Chevron parquet board with a smooth texture and color, practically without knots, and also in Animoso grading – with a more heterogeneous texture, with a small number of knots and places with sapwood. Surface treatment – a natural oil that preserves the most natural appearance of wood.

Parquet Flooring Boen Chevron Oak Adagio
Boen Chevron Oak Adagio
Parquet Flooring Boen Chevron Oak Adagio White
Boen Chevron Oak Adagio White
Parquet Flooring Boen Chevron Oak Animoso
Boen Chevron Oak Animoso

It is a 3-layer parquet board with a tongue-and-groove connection, glued, suitable for underfloor heating.

The Boen Chevron is available for order from April 1, 2020. Samples in the showroom are also waiting in April.

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20/03/2020 16:34:09
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